Risk data collection and management

Effective risk management requires a secure and user-friendly platform to centralize and manage data, and produce the greatest values accuracy.

For risk managers,
by risk professionals.

With 30+ years in the risk management and insurance industry, our team built Collexter exclusively based on the business needs of our clients risk managers and insurance professionals, while maintaining a high level of data integrity and security, eliminating bottlenecks, and focusing on ease-of-use.

Collexter is a Web based values data collection and policies reporting platform designed for risk and insurance users to easily gather, organize, and manage all data throughout their organization within a single source of truth.

Values Collection


Quickly create, import, and edit datasheets with dynamic filtering, without requiring any technical ability.

Custom Permissions

Set granular permissions for Collectors and Supervisors to view and input information, eliminating questionnaires.

Collaboration Area

A place for all members to share files and add comments to ensure everyone is on the same page, rather than getting lost in email chains.

Follow Up In-Platform

Follow up with members and include specific notes, feedback, and helpful attachments directly in the platform.

Policies Reporting

Global and Local Policies Reporting

Collect and manage global and local policies information in a single platform that allows to consolidate all values in any currency of choice.

Local operations portal

Local entities can update and access their information anytime, anywhere.


Easily identify all entities that have not updated their policies information to send reminders and follow ups.

Analysis Features

Consolidation Mode

Instantly consolidate all financial data to convert into selected currency of choice based on current rates or historical rates at set dates.

History Mode

Easily compare and calculate existing values against historical data across multiple datasheets.

Variation Mode

Select between percentage or amount variations across historical data to get an immediate snapshot of your data.

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